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The weather is cooling down outside and the days are getting shorter. Summer has sung its swan song, and we are back into the days of school bells and fall activities. You may even already be trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for her or him. However, things do look a lot different this year, as Covid-19 has caused nearly every aspect of our lives to be altered.

Many of us are working from home, students’ classrooms have been replaced by kitchen tables or bedrooms, and friendly smiles are slightly hidden behind masks everywhere you go. Even dining out has changed, with many restaurants converting to take out or outdoor dining to keep patrons socially distanced and safe. This works well when the weather is warm, but as a chill enters the air, restaurants in colder regions had to get creative, so they came up with bring your own blanket (BYOB)!

Bring your own blanket (BYOB) is being marketed as an experience to create treasured memories and keep hungry diners eating at their favorite establishments well into colder weather. So many businesses have had to get innovative to stay afloat, and this new type of BYOB is a brilliant and fun plan.

If you look around during colder weather, there are plenty of people enjoying the outdoors. Just look under the Friday night lights, and you will see fans bundled in their jackets and wrapped in their favorite cozy blanket enjoying a game. Harvest bonfires are all the rage too, and once again, snuggly blankets add an element of comfort. So, why not grab your favorite blanket in a bag and hit your go to restaurant? It makes so much sense!

At Teal and Fox, we are big fans of beautiful and functional blankets. In fact, our blanket in a bag collection may give you just what you need to create a date night to remember. Step 1: Grab one of our 100% cotton twin size quilts that come in their own matching carrying bag for easy packing. Step 2: Take her to her favorite restaurant with romantic outdoor seating and amazing food. Step 3: Wrap up in our cozy machine washable blanket and create a bring your own blanket (BYOB) memory to treasure always. It really is the perfect gift for her!

So, now you have a great start on creating your own perfect bring your own blanket (BYOB) date night. All you need to do is take a look at our fantastic selection and figure out which one of our stylish designs matches your perfect night out. You cannot go wrong with our quilts and their matching carrying bag because they are ready to grab at a moment's notice for that spontaneous date. We have you covered no matter what season, as well, because our blankets are lightweight and cozy, making them the perfect accessory when there is a chill in the air. At Teal and Fox, we have your sustainable, beautiful blanket needs all wrapped up.
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