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Valentine’s Day is a day meant to celebrate love. It is a joyful and romantic holiday that breaks up the monotony of winter, and a chance to show the special woman in your life just how much you love and appreciate her. When you are looking for Valentine’s gift ideas, there are the obvious ones like chocolate and roses, but it will touch her when you present her with something that is unique and heartfelt like one of our Teal and Fox quilts. They make special gifts for her that she will treasure and use for years to come.

Our 100% cotton quilts are incredibly lightweight, soft, and warm without being bulky...truly everything you’d want in an amazing blanket. Also, when you purchase one of our quilts, you will be receiving a beautiful matching carrying bag that can go from quilt carrier to weekend bag for a surprise Valentine’s Day getaway in no time.

Staying at home? No problem. Our quilts are ideal for cuddling by a fire, having a movie night, putting down for an indoor or outdoor picnic, or snuggling under while gazing at the stunning winter sky that is blazing with stars. This is because they are durable, yet oh so soft. We achieve this luxurious texture during our quilt-making process. Our quilts are made of three breathable layers of cotton voile and carded cotton that starts soft and only gets softer with each use.

Our variety of gorgeous designs are inspired by our Indian heritage and the beautiful handmade quilts that surrounded us in our homes as we grew up. They added a bold splash of color and character to those spaces, just like a Teal and Fox quilt will add to hers. Our intricate designs make a bold statement and certainly will help show-off your love one’s sophisticated taste.

When you purchase a 100% cotton quilt from us, you are making a purchase that won’t just make her feel good, but you as well. This is because when you choose us, you are supporting a business that cares about people and the environment. All the cotton we use is sustainably sourced and the manufacturers that we utilize employ ethical labor practices and pay fair wages.

If you are looking to blanket your special someone with affection this Valentine’s Day, one of our quilts with a matching carrying bag makes for an amazing gift idea. Choose from a stunning array of eye-catching designs, sure to match her sense of style and adventure. We have quilts made for every color scheme so it is certain to match the room where she’ll use it most. Get her a gift that shows you not only care, but also know how to make her smile. With our quilts, no matter where you are, she can always feel wrapped in your love.
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